“Standing Between the Predator and the Prey."- Kraig Palmer, Founder

GrayLane founder and lead instructor Kraig Palmer has over eight years of California law enforcement experience; six of which have been in an investigative capacity.  Starting his career in Los Angeles county, he quickly demonstrated his natural investigative approach to law enforcement. He was appointed as an investigator within two years of being on the job.  Kraig distinguished himself while working Watson Murders, kidnappings, assaults, chop shops, and auto theft cases.

Shortly after his time in Los Angeles, Kraig was appointed to a regional auto theft task force in Orange County, CA.  While working auto theft in Orange County, he received several awards for his investigative work: The Western States of Auto Theft Investigators Gary Gray Award, The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Executive Board Achievement of Excellence award, and was nominated for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Investigator of the Year Award, among others.

In May of 2015, Kraig was selected for a regional auto theft task force in San Diego, CA.  While in San Diego, he worked in an undercover capacity, including a year long store front operation targeting auto theft, narcotics and weapons trafficking.  He was also the case agent on a three year long international organized criminal enterprise investigation.  While working the investigation, Kraig received his cross designation with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Organized Crime Squad.

Through the years, Kraig has provided advanced law enforcement training to over 5000 Federal, State and Local law enforcement officers.  He also routinely provides fraud and theft prevention training for private industry throughout the United States.  He is a California Police Officer's Standards and Training Level Three Instructor.  He travels throughout the United States providing training in the areas of fraud, auto theft, undercover operations, gang trends, and international criminal organizations.