New Age Pimping—Criminal Street Gangs and Fraud

"New Age Pimping- Criminal Street Gangs and Fraud" is a comprehensive course detailing how criminal street gangs are committing fraud and rental vehicle theft.  Rental fraud is one of the fastest growing trends in auto theft.  The complex legal issues of embezzlement versus stolen vehicle and civil cases are explored in this class.



Vehicle Hacking- Vehicle Security and How to Defeat It

“Vehicle hacking” is the latest trend in consumer security.  Can newer security technology really be defeated?  How does “vehicle hacking” actually work?  As advances in security technology change, criminals are creating new and more complicated methods for stealing vehicles.  Through the use of computer software, criminal organizations are able to gain access, and sometimes drive vehicles away.  In a world of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, vehicle hacking is a growing trend and concern for law enforcement.



Rental Industry Fraud Prevention

GrayLane instructors have provided fraud training to over 1000 employees of the largest rental companies in the world. Covering fraud detection, to criminal methods, this training is a must for the rental industry.



Surveillance Operation- One

For beginning and seasoned detectives alike, this course provides a foundational understanding of surveillance operations, preparation, planning and execution. Great course for task forces and agencies.



Surveillance Operation-Two

Designed for experienced surveillance operators, this course covers advanced counter surveillance, foot surveillance, mass transit surveillance and other advance surveillance operations for the real world.



Undercover Operations

Undercover operations are a vital tool for modern law enforcement agencies.  This course helps undercover operators and case agents be successful in the real world.