Student Reviews

“The in-depth knowledge of the rental industry, comprehensive case studies and the active learning environment was top notch. I never expected to learn as much as I did.”

“This class is fast paced, engaging, fun, best training ever. I never felt behind, he explained everything perfectly.  Hands down, one of my favorite instructors of all time.”

“The amount of information provided is unbelievable. Any officer making contact with rental vehicles needs this class.  I want to take this class again with my whole team.”

"New Age Pimping—Criminal Street Gangs and Fraud"

The rapid increase in rental vehicle theft through the use of fraudulent and stolen credit cards and identifications has reached epic proportions throughout the United States.  Rental vehicle theft is the fastest growing auto theft trend today. There is an uninhibited, lucrative vehicle theft industry involving the theft of rental vehicles, which has given rise to new innovative and sophisticated criminal enterprises.  The current escalation in this new form of auto theft is nurtured by the lack of law enforcement awareness.  Thieves committing rental fraud know few cases are filed due to the lack of proper law enforcement investigations, largely due to a lack of proper training.  Criminal enterprises have a common understanding convictions are highly unlikely and sentencing under current law is minor.  They consider it a small cost in comparison to the financial gains.

The "New Age Pimping- Criminal Street Gangs and Fraud" class is a comprehensive, eight hour course encompassing all aspects of rental fraud cases.  This course is designed for patrol officers, detectives, supervisors and district attorneys.  The course provides students an in-depth look at the rental industry standards and practices, criminal street gang fraud activity, conducting investigations, interviews and report writing.  Students completing the course will have the skills to investigate rental fraud cases from the field with the confidence they will be able to obtain a successful filing and prosecution.  This course incorporates problem based learning, discussions, and real world case studies.

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