Student Reviews

"We had every manager and top sells rep take this course.  It is amazing, informative and priceless."


“This is preventive instruction at its finest.  Now our employees have the tools and confidence to know what to look for.  This will pay dividends for us. ”


“Where was this training ten years ago?  If our company had this ten years ago, we would have saved millions and millions of dollars in damages and loss. Unbelievable.”


Fraud Training for the Rental Industry.

Criminal street gangs are targeting rental vehicles at an epidemic rate; preying upon a customer service centered industry.  Rental industry fleets provide a readily accessible inventory for gang members to conduct criminal business in your agency's vehicles.  Using a combination of manipulation, cunning, and deception, criminal street gangs target unsuspecting customer service agents in an attempt to process fraudulent and stolen credit cards to obtain rental vehicles.  Once the vehicle has been rented, the vehicle, if ever recovered is typically totaled, or in need of substantial repairs, costing the rental industry millions of dollars each year.

GrayLane's industry leading fraud prevention training discusses fraudulent credit card manufacturing, identification manufacturing, criminal methods, easy to use fraud detection, and money saving techniques to protect your inventory and your employees.  GrayLane has provided this training to over 1000 rental industry employees preventing millions of dollars worth of theft.  Additionally, after receiving this training, employees have detected fraud and assisted law enforcement in arresting thieves before they obtain a vehicle.  This is invaluable training for your agency.

Students will learn about credit card and identification manufacturing allowing the class to manufacture a credit card in class.  After completing this course students will have a firm understanding of the top indicators of fraud based on real world investigations and cases involving the rental industry.  Additionally, student will observe real world scenarios involving the methods and techniques thieves use to obtain rental vehicles via fraud.