Undercover Operations

Real Training for the Real World.  GrayLane's "Undercover Operations" course is a curriculum developed to impart  experience as both a case agent and an undercover operator on dynamic and static long term undercover operations.  Having conducted several hundred undercover interactions GrayLane instructors provide unique insight into the undercover world in an interactive learning envrironment.

This class is a five day course specifically designed for undercover operators and for case agents on undercover projects and supervisors.  Additionally, this course is extremely useful for district attorneys to gain an inside perspective on operational planning, undercover interactions and transactions, and evidence recovery.

Students will participate in problem based learning, critical thinking, facilitated discussions and real world scenarios.  After completing this course undercover operators will have a firm understanding of undercover interactions, criminal vernacular, red flags of possible "rips," evidence chain of custody, report writing, grand jury testimony, case preparation, case agent responsibilities, case planning and undercover safety.  Case agents will understand undercover operator experiences, case preparation, case agent responsibility, undercover safety, evidence collection, critical decision making, and overall case management.  Supervisors and district attorneys will have the opportunity to participate in undercover interactions, case agent responsibilities, and supervisory decision in real world, high speed environments.

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