GrayLane exists to provide the highest level of advanced law enforcement training, with a modern approach in an engaging, professional environment.


Kraig has provided training to over 5,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. As a California Police Officer's Standards and Training Level Three Instructor he brings a modern approach to law enforcement training, providing an unmatched training environment.

GrayLane believes training doesn't end in the classroom.  Our resources page provides report templates, current case analysis and investigative resources.  We work to keep the information current and relevant to your everyday needs.


"Should be mandatory classes
for all new detectives"

— National City PD, Surveillance One Course

"I could listen to Kraig
teach the dictionary."

— CHP Lieutenant, Intermediate Instructor Certification Course

"Outstanding, energetic and knowledgable—Kraig was
very helpful and passionate,
rising star. Good class."

— Anonymous Student, 2017

"This was one of the main trainings I came to the conference for, You delivered!  Some of the best training."

— Anonymous Student, NewAge Pimping MGIA, 2017

"The resources provided are some of the best resources I've ever been given.  I refer to the website almost daily."

— Student Feedback, NewAge Pimping Attendee, 2017

"Mind Blown. Never learned so much in two hours. Amazing!"

— Anonymous Student, NewAge Pimping MGIA, 2017